Summer 2019

Deacons’ Corner

The Deacons sincerely thank those who helped with funeral receptions for Ruth Rayna and Carl Joseph. Everyone is busy these days, yet people dropped what they had planned and helped their church family in their time of need. At Calvary, church family truly is family. And as we approach the summer months, many of our Calvary family will be heading off to destinations around the U.S. and even the globe for much-needed vacations. Others will be staying local, enjoying summer closer to home. The Deacons pray that God watch over you and protect you on your journeys near and far.

God’s Peace and Blessings Always, the Board of Deacons

Roberta Richmond (Moderator), Evangeline Gallacher (Vice Moderator), Pam Burn, Bjorg Carlson, Jenn Clark, Hannah Cushman, Sue Harger, Wayne Richmond, Dotti Smith, & Lorri Valle

Calvary’s Youth Ministry

Calvary’s youth Sunday School wrapped up a great year in May, and Wednesday night’s Youth Group will conclude June 5. The Youth Group enjoyed laser tag and ice cream at Sonny’s Place in Somers on May 22 in celebration of a special year! We’ve also been corresponding with our sponsored child, and it’s very exciting to receive mail from Kenya! The group will meet occasionally over the summer.

Music News

The Calvary Choir will be singing for the last time this season on June 2. Thank you, Choir, for sharing your time and talent! Thanks, Cathy Perrill, for conducting our music so expressively! There will be a “Summer Choir” day on July 21 when all who would like to sing will gather in the choir room at 9:15 AM to rehearse the music for that morning’s service. All singers are welcome even if you have not sung with our choir before!

Lori Bourret

Loaves & Fishes Sunday Meal Ministry

Thank you, Calvary congregation, for another season of abundant blessings given to our neighbors at the Enfield Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen! Delicious warm meals, homemade desserts, clothes, household items, fellowship, prayer, and encouraging friendships were served each month by some very gifted and committed Calvary Church family. We look forward to returning to this ministry in September to continue serving as Christ has called us to do.

Stitch 1, Pray 2

“Stitch 1 Pray 2” is a group of knitters and crocheters who meet every Wednesday from 12-2 PM in the lower level of Calvary Church to create handmade items for local people in need at nursing homes, a cancer treatment center, and the soup kitchen, to name a few. We welcome all knitters and crocheters to come join us! Can’t knit or crochet but still want to be involved in blessing the Enfield community? We are especially in need of donations of full skeins of worsted weight yarn (preferably 2-3 of the same color). You can stop in during our meeting time, or call the church office at 860-745-5211 M-F from 9 am-1 pm to arrange a time to drop off your donation.

Men’s Ministry 2019 Summer Picnic

The Calvary Men’s Ministry 6th annual summer picnic will be held on Wednesday, July 31 on the Calvary Church grounds. All Calvary men are invited and can bring a guest. Check out the Sunday worship bulletins in upcoming Sundays for more information. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Mall on July 7. Come and join us for good food and great fellowship!

Handbell Concert

Area 1 of the Handbell Musicians of America will hold its biennial Festival/Conference on the campus of the University of Hartford from June 27 through June 30. Handbell ringers from all over New England will gather for four days of workshops, rehearsals, and concerts. The event culminates in a closing concert featuring handbell music rung by 500 ringers! The concert is free and open to the public on Sunday, June 30 at 3:00 PM in the Reich Family Pavilion, 200 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, CT. For more information speak with Cathy or Ted Perrill.

2019 Lester & Lillian Bodley Memorial Scholarship

Applications are available at the church office. Applicants must:
• Demonstrate a definite financial need
• Have an ongoing relationship with Calvary Church
• Plan to attend (or currently attend) a post-secondary school, community college/university, nursing school, tech school, etc., participating in a degree or certificate program
• Those making a second or subsequent application must provide documentation of academic progress by including a copy of a transcript or proof of successful course completion

COMPLETED applications are due back to the office by Sunday, June 9.

Reflections by Dot Cutter: Vistas

America is blessed as a magnificent land with treasures to be enjoyed from sea to shining sea — a masterful testament to God’s created prowess. Over the centuries travel has improved greatly, enabling many of us to view for ourselves what heretofore we could do only through the eyes, lens, or pens of others. Yet in our rush to get from one place to another we often ignore opportunities for soaking in the beauty that could be right at our fingertips. Instead our first question is “What’s the quickest, most direct route?” continued

Hugs ‘n Hope

Support & Fellowship Group for Women who are Widowed, Divorced or Single

Our June Gathering: “A Garden Tea Party/Fairy Gardening”

Come join us as we hear about the world of Fairy Gardening when we gather for a wonderful time of fellowship and inspiration with delicious tea sandwiches, desserts, and a variety of teas.

When: Sunday, June 23
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Where: Home of Janice Singer
19 White Oak Road, Somers, CT

RSVP to Janice at (860) 763-2936 for food assignments

Our July Gathering: “Picnic in the Park”

When: Saturday, July 20
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Where: Heritage Park
East Longmeadow, MA

Meet at Janice’s home at 11:30 a.m., and then we’ll carpool to the park.

Summer Prayer Opportunities

As in previous years of summertime Prayer on the Green, we will meet from 7-8 PM one Monday evening a month at the gazebo on the Enfield Town Green. This prayer time will be primarily focused on the needs and concerns of the greater Enfield area, families, and businesses, with special attention given to addiction services and programs. Christians from Enfield and surrounding communities are invited and encouraged to attend. Bring a chair if you’d like to sit and perhaps a sweater as the evening breezes can sometimes be chilly. Dates: June 17, July 22, August 19

Kingdom Voices Prayer will continue to meet at the Pearl Street Library from 7-8 PM during the summer but on a modified schedule as we join with others for the Prayer on the Green for those nights. This group focuses on the larger picture throughout our nation. Dates: June 6, July 18, August 1, September 5

August Crier Submissions

Articles for the August edition of the Calvary Crier will be due to Corrine in the church office by August 16. Have a blessed & beautiful summer!

June Celebrations


4 David Joseph,
   Tom Massetti,
   Bill McNabb
6 E.J. Garrett
7 Sydney Hess
8 Bill Lee
9 Dawn Schoenrock
11 Susan Sterling
14 Butch Plude
21 Sandy Wezowicz
23 Jim Woodworth
27 Evelyn Zinkievich
30 Don Burn,
   Connie Johnson


9    Bob & Lori Bourret (1984)

July Celebrations


2 Jenn Hamilton
4 Dan Blanchette,
   Earle Harmon
5 Kathleen Farrelly
7 Gus Morales
12 Dave Cushman
18 Hannah Cushman
19 Dale Barry
20 Pastor Steve Thayer
23 Jason Lee
25 Hailey Farrelly


3    Tom & Angie Massetti (1980)
8    Alan & Paula Graffam (1972)
16    Don & Ann Burn (1955)
29    Doug & Beth Gillette (1967)

If you would like your birthday and/or anniversary to appear in the Crier—or if you have any corrections or edits to your information—please contact Corrine via our website or by calling the church office at 860-745-5211.

August Celebrations


2 Deb Woodworth
5 Gloria Walsh
8 Cyrilla Shaw
9 Sam Farrelly
10 David Hansen
11 Lorri Valle
12 Peter duPlessis
14 Linley Ruoss,
    Janice Singer
15 Wayne Richmond
18 Sue Harger,
    Mickey Love
21 Giovanny Valle
23 Marcheta Savo
26 Brianna Lee
31 Shannah Zinkievich


9 Mike & Joan Lawson (1975)
13 Dan & Sheila Beaudry (1999)
14 Fred & Cyrilla Shaw (1965)
20 John & Dot Cutter (1960)
21 Harwood & Mary Higgins (1965),
    Steve & Melissa Thayer (1976)
22 David & Val Joseph (1980)
25 Bob & Gail Clark (1962)
31 Rick & Sandy Wezowicz (1968)

If you would like your birthday and/or anniversary to appear in the Crier—or if you have any corrections or edits to your information—please contact Corrine via our website or by calling the church office at 860-745-5211.