Pastor Cheryl’s Blog

Faith – May 28, 2024

The Scripture tells us, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of the unseen.” (Hebrews 11:1) Most of us know what faith is by practical experience, we experience God in worship, or a scripture jumps out at us at just the right moment. Those are examples of God’s favor in […]

George Fox, A Christian Who Listened to God – May 21, 2024

Do you feel that God speaks to you? I hope that you do. Through the scriptures, prayer and the preaching of the word, God speaks to us all. What great a blessing it is to hear His voice. But did you know that there was a time in church history that if you shared that […]

In Quietess Rest Is your Salvation – May 14, 2024

What does it mean to have a quiet time with the Lord? We often use that phrase to describe our prayer life or when we take time to read the scriptures by ourselves. But “a quiet time” also can mean a time of rest with God from the worries and details of life. Listen to […]

Mother’s Day – May 7, 2024

We had a wonder Mission’s banquet this last week. This Next week is Mother’s Day, and we will be sharing about Hannah, Samuel’s Mother. She woman who constantly had to let go of the things she loved. Did you have a family member who sacrificed something so you could succeed? Listen to my talk on […]

My Hope is Built on NOthing Less – April 30, 2024

I love the hymn “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.” I woke up singing it this morning. Did you know that hymn was written by a carpenter, more specifically a cabinet maker. So, he was a man who knew about firm foundations that would hold and which foundations fall apart. Listen to my talk […]

Florence Nightingale – April 23, 2024

Every month I like to share with you a character from Church history who has influenced Christianity today. Today I would like to share with you the faith journey of Florence Nightingale. She was a woman who heard a call from God to take care of the sick and courageously put her call above all […]

God’s Mercies are New Every Morning – April 16, 2024

There is nothing that you can do, or someone can do to you that can thwart God’s purpose in your life. Your mistakes may delay your journey, but God’s good intent is always there for you once you get back on the right path. Why is this true? It is because the mercy of God […]

Blackouts with God – April 9, 2024

How many of you saw the eclipse yesterday? I have to admit it wasn’t much of an event in my neighborhood, the sky momentarily looked as if it were dusk, but the sun quickly returned, and all was well again. However, the people in direct path of the eclipse it was an emotional event. An […]

Resurrection Sunday – March 26, 2024

We have arrived at Holy Week. During this week we contemplate Jesus’s journey to the cross as He rides through Jerusalem while being hailed as the Messiah. We observe Him wash His disciples’ feet at the Last Supper while Peter claims he’ll never deny Him. Then we visit Christ on His knees in the garden […]

Palm Sunday and William and Catherine Booth – March 19, 2024

This is third Tuesday of the month and every third Tuesday; I talk about a person from Church history who has helped shaped our faith experience in the Christian Church today. Today I want to talk to you about two people who founded a movement that has influenced both Christians and non-Christians in helping the oppressed […]