Week beginning Sunday, August 29, 2021


“HELPING HANDS” SERVICE GROUP is available to receive members’ requests for assistance. The contact person this week is Janice Singer


CHOIR – Starting This Sunday directly after church!!  Please contact Lori Bourret or Cathy Perrill with any questions that you may have. Rehearsal and singing dates in September will be in the September Crier.

Sunday 8-29

10:00AM – Worship Service

Monday, 3/9

Tuesday, 9-1-21
6:30PM – Embrace Grace/Life (LL3)
7:00PM – GriefShare (lounge);

11:15AM – Morning Prayer Zoom
12:00PM – Stitch 1, Pray 2 (LL5)


Friday, 3/13

Saturday, 3/14

Sunday, 9-5-21

10:00AM – Worship Service

*Church office (860)745-5211