Reflections by Dot Cutter — June/July 2019

America is blessed as a magnificent land with treasures to be enjoyed from sea to shining sea — a masterful testament to God’s created prowess. Over the centuries travel has improved greatly, enabling many of us to view for ourselves what heretofore we could do only through the eyes, lens, or pens of others. Yet in our rush to get from one place to another we often ignore opportunities for soaking in the beauty that could be right at our fingertips. Instead our first question is “What’s the quickest, most direct route?”

Planes, trains, and buses offer speed, while interstate highways provide valuable express routes that ease our lives. But in our rush we also overlook or disregard signs galore alerting us to scenic by-ways. All along those state highways we whiz by signs and pull-offs alerting us to scenic vistas not visible from the main highway. These diversions can be so breathtaking, enriching our journey if we would take time to explore them. Others, more obscure, such as waterfalls, may be tucked deep into recesses as streams cascade down a mountainside.

These delightful stops usually provide us with but a vignette of the land. In order to more fully appreciate the beauty and scope of our land, we must sometimes avail ourselves of trails that take us up a mountain. Periodically along that trek we get a glimpse of the majesty that awaits us further on. Always the lure of what’s around the next turn or up above that next ledge spurs us onward and upward. Like an exuberant child who impetuously dashes ahead, there is embedded within us that inner drive to see what can be observed only from going up higher. And once there? Ah, the reward; the vista, a great expanse of the grandeur of our countryside opens up before our eyes! Occasionally we are rewarded with a 360 degree view with great distance! A grand vista to be sure!

Far too often, as I’ve inquired about another person’s trip, I’ve eagerly asked the “did you see” questions, only to be met with the inevitable answer of, “No, we were in a hurry to get to _____!” Our spiritual journey has many such parallels. We come to faith in Jesus Christ and have our salvation, to be sure. But do we pursue a richer experience with Him? Do we hear His call of “Come up higher with Me?” And if we hear, what is our response? Is it an unequivocal “Yes”? Do we recognize how many ways the Holy Spirit uses to get our attention?

Through nature, through circumstances, a word spoken, a card or note received, a touch, blessings we breeze on by, celebrations, someone who spontaneously prays for us, new connections, yes, even through tragedies. His subtle whisper to us is so easily ignored but may open doors to unimaginable spiritual enrichment and growth. New ministries are birthed and expanded by those with a hunger for more of the Lord and who devote time seeking His plans. He delights in each and every one of His children. He pours out good and gracious gifts to those who seek him. It is there, in the quiet of His presence, we receive our vision and strategy. Hebrews 11:6 reminds us that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. And His call is always, “Come up higher in Me.” Truly, He is irresistible.

Dot Cutter