On Sunday mornings from September to June at 9:00 am, Calvary offers Sunday School classes for adults and children. There is a place for everyone to learn more about Jesus and how to apply the Word of God in daily life. There is no Sunday School during summer. Sunday School will begin again on September 23!

» Children from Birth to Grade 5 – Family Sunday School Program – (Meets Downstairs)
Lasting, lifelong faith is most often “caught” from a lifestyle of faith lived out at home. Family Sunday School includes children and parents in a time of equipping homes to be the primary place where faith is nurtured!

» Grades 6-12 (Meets Downstairs)
Led by Melissa Thayer
Fall 2018 study: coming soon!

SOULExplore the Bible‚Äôs answers to the big questions of life and discover the best news you’ve ever heard.

It’s news about God.
It’s news about you.
And all of it is about Jesus.

The seven-episode series explores the identity, mission and call of Jesus, and every DVD contains a printed copy of Mark’s Gospel so viewers can follow the story for themselves.

Adult Sunday School – Two Options:
» Bible Study: Acts
  Led by Sandy Wezowciz and Dot Cutter in Upper Level 8 (UL8)

» Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  Led by Janice Singer in Upper Level 7 (UL7)