Sermons by Alan Graffam

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Living on Empty


Scripture Reference: 2 Kings 4:1-­7 We can be running on empty. God is in the business of filling empty people. Examples of empty people: – Woman at the well. – Nicodemus – Epileptic Son – Woman with bleeding – Wedding at Cana – Peter denies Jesus 3 times Emptiness can be a gift from God. […]

Freedom Through Truth


Scripture Reference: John 8:28­-36 People look for freedom. The Bible teaches that people are only truly free when they turn to Christ. Christ frees you from the penalty of sin. We owe a debt we cannot pay. Christ paid a debt He did not owe!

Spiritual Passion


Scripture Reference: John 21: 1-14 On the Christian journey, sometimes Spiritual passion may wane. What does this look like? What helps us maintain our passion and finish the trip well? We need Spiritual light in our life to light a fire in someone else! Thank you to Alan Graffam for guest-preaching today!