In addition to adult Sunday School, Calvary offers a variety of Bible study and small group options for where men and women can encounter the Lord together, grow in understanding of His Word, and encourage one another in Christ.

This Spring’s Church-Wide Study: Psalms: Soul Songs
Exploring love, temptation, fear and guilt from the Psalms

Starts April 16 & 19!
Men’s Group: Mondays (lower level) at 7 PM
Women’s Group: Mondays (room UL8) at 7 PM
Mixed Groups: Thursdays (room UL 8) at 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM

How often do you get the tune of a mindless song stuck in your head? It’s one way that Christians can end up thinking and wanting things just like the world around us. So God has given us a collection of songs that can help us re-tune our hearts to what He thinks and wants instead.

You may feel as if your soul is downcast or sick — troubled by worry, sin, suffering, fear or guilt. David, the Israelite king who wrote many of these songs, tells us that the Word of God revives the soul — it’s powerful stuff! And how to revive your soul is the theme of this selection. Mostly written by people rolling in trouble, they take us from the problems we face, and turn us back to God, the rock.

In these psalms you will find medicine for your soul. Learn to fear God instead of others, to trust Him in difficult times and to sing a new song to the God who saves. Please join this seven week church-wide study being offered for all men and women beginning in April!

Cost: Study guides $8