Reflections by Dot Cutter

Joy Comes in the Morning

Reflections — December 2016 It was a cold day with a strong howling wind resembling a relentless roar. The sky looked menacing as dark clouds fairly flew by. Random snowflakes swirled around intermittently, interrupted by the momentary ray of sunshine peeping through the clouds, only to be overtaken, obscured, and reinforced by more clouds. Freshly […]

Light and Shadows

Reflections — November 2016 New England’s autumn colors can be absolutely intoxicating. The variety of shadings within the spectrum is not only stunning but nearly endless. No wonder thousands of people flock to the area each year to take in this radiant display of God’s glory. It’s as though creation itself is singing the splendor […]

Silver Linings

Reflections — October 2016 My grandfather was an avid photographer. His photos were primarily color slides and movies of vacation venues near and far, family activities, and local points of interest — mountains, lakes, and rivers — at all the seasons of the year, and the accompanying nature sightings. For him the background was as […]

Details and Precision

Reflections — September 2016 The Olympics in Rio have just closed, yet the excitement and awe linger long after those closing ceremonies and the flame is extinguished. For each athlete, regardless of their specialty or the outcome, participation in the Olympics represents the culmination of countless hours of commitment to detail and precision. We see […]

Fireflies and Sparklers

As a child, each 4th of July I eagerly anticipated my family’s short walk to one of our city’s parks where a fireworks display captivated my attention. Upon returning home, the adults would enjoy Farmer’s Sodas on the front porch while I entertained myself on our front lawn with sparklers and catching fireflies in a […]

The Everlasting Wellspring

Springtime is perhaps my favorite season of the year. Beauty and fragrance surrounds us. But have you noticed how it doesn’t always measure up to our expectations? Sometimes it comes roaring in with great exuberance, fairly kicking winter off the stage with its sunshine and warmth. Other years, it’s like a sleepy little kid on […]

The Complete Package

Reflections – May 2016 As a young child, exploring my grandpa’s garden in the springtime held a fascination all its own. I didn’t know a perennial from a weed nor a flower from a vegetable, but he would patiently tell me what things were that I saw popping up. From time to time we’d stop […]

Bubbling Signs of Spring

Reflections – April 2016 Growing up in central New York, you could count on l-o-n-g winters! They frequently began in November and persisted into early April. True, great fun was had in the snow, and childhood games abounded. But as warmer weather began to erode the icy grip winter had held on the region, evidence […]

The Artist’s Pallette

Reflections – March 2016 Dusting is far from my favorite activity—considered a boring necessity at best. Yet have you noticed how often the Lord uses those mundane little activities of life to reveal something of significance? Such was the case when I was recently dusting some paintings in our home, mostly a collection of landscapes […]

A Special-Delivery Valentine

Hearts of Love

Reflections – February 2016 It was three days after Christmas when, as I walked into a store, my senses were immediately barraged with red and pink hearts. Everywhere! All vestiges of Christmas had disappeared, replaced with marketing for Valentine’s Day. Festoons of hearts connected like chains marked the aisles. Honeycomb hearts! Glitter hearts! Mylar balloon […]