Reflections by Dot Cutter

The God of Missed Opportunities

Reflections by Dot Cutter — March 2019 This past Christmas, my husband sleuthed out a source for a particularly beautiful amaryllis that I had eyed in a catalog and waited too long to order. You guessed it; it was sold out and I was ruing my procrastination. Yet my husband persisted until he found a […]

Change My Heart

Reflections by Dot Cutter — February 2019 It was early January as I was putting away the last vestiges of Christmas and replacing outdoor flags with more generic winter motifs. Suddenly my eyes fell on the bright colors of our Valentine’s flags sliding off the shelf. It launched me on a short journey of reminiscing. […]

God’s Everlasting Faithfulness

Reflections by Dot Cutter — January 2019 Christmas is past but many symbols of the holiday remain. My snowmen always linger well into February. Perhaps your Christmas tree is still in place warming your home and heart with its fragrance and bright lights. Though the Christmas tree is not a uniquely Christian symbol but rather […]

Jesus Is Coming In Glory

Reflections by Dot Cutter – December 2018 Some years autumn comes with one definitive blast of freezing temperatures, wiping out gardens in a flash. Other years it’s a teaser with threats that fail to materialize, and I find myself repeatedly covering the somewhat hardier plants (mums and geraniums), bringing hanging baskets indoors overnight. Successful for […]

Thanksgiving for Road Closures

Reflections – November 2018 When we first moved to Connecticut, a dirt road and wooden plank bridge across the Scantic River provided us with a dandy little short-cut home. There were but a few homes along that road, yet it cut off several miles of driving. In time, the town considered improving the bridge and […]

The Growing Season

Reflections – June/July 2017 It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my gardens. Freezing temperatures put the gardens to bed in November, which set up a dicey situation for new lilies and other bulbs which were shipped late. Snow and ice enveloped them throughout the long, relentless winter. Perennials were slow to emerge this spring and […]

The Gift for All Seasons

Christmas Eve Service

Reflections – December 2017 For a child growing up in the Northeast before the era of interstate highways, traveling by car could be quite the l-o-n-g proposition. As an only child, my parents were spared those inevitable backseat sibling squabbles, but boredom and incessant questions of “how much longer” plagued them for sure. However, those […]

Veneers and Inlays

Reflections – October 2017 On a recent foray into an antique store I was drawn to some unusually beautiful pieces of furniture. Most were solid wood, rather than veneers — mahogany and cherry predominately — displaying stunning grain and strikingly beautiful patterns in the wood. Imagine the excitement a furniture maker must feel when encountering […]

Hunters and Jumpers

Reflections – September 2017 What youngster hasn’t longed for a horse sometime in his/her youth? I know I did. Living in a small city, opportunities for riding were few, but my love for these magnificent animals never waned. However, it wasn’t until college that I had the opportunity to ride with any consistency. Our university […]


Reflections – August 2017 In rocky regions of the world, stone buildings have a history of great longevity. Churches in particular often display great artistic beauty carved into or affixed to their solid stone facades. In homes and other small buildings constructed of stone, they carry a unique charm all their own. In the United […]