Reflections, November 2011:

The weatherman’s issuance of the first frost warnings sent us scrambling for the stack of old flannel sheets carefully stashed away to cover still beautifully blooming patio pots and “tropicals”, which will soon have to come indoors for the winter. A light frost did indeed descend, followed by several days of cloudless skies and delightful warmth. Perfect October weather! And so the illusion persists that maybe – just maybe – this summer will indeed be endless. But alas, this is New England, not Hawaii! Each fall we attempt to hang onto the last vestige of summer’s color in our yard before resigning ourselves to the inevitable fact that the seasons are changing. On the one hand I welcome fall with its unique kaleidoscope of colors followed by the pristine beauty of a snow encapsulated landscape as we next transition into winter. Yet it is with great reluctance that I let go of summer.

Often our spiritual lives parallel this same pattern of reluctance to relinquish what “has been” in favor of moving into what God has already established as our next season in Him. But static is not part of God’s operations manual. Since God is not bound by time as we are, the new is already “there”. We just don’t yet see it in its fullness. He is always advancing toward fulfilling His intended purpose in your life, in my life, in our lives together, in the church, in the world. All the obstacles we see, fears we entertain, or outrageous scenarios we can imagine in no way perturb or deter Him. They are powerless over Him.

So why are we so cautious? So timid? So reluctant? So, dare I say it, unbelieving? In the face of A-L-L the uncertainty on the world’s stage that is impacting, or threatening to impact our lives, why aren’t we running eagerly, expectantly to the One Who is the source of all knowledge, all wisdom, all peace, all provision? He’s given us His road map in His Word. He is infallible. His way is perfect. – complete, wholly without flaws. Why do we insist, “There’s gotta be another way?”

Whatever the issue in our life, worship and prayer are the most reliable ways to access God’s throne room. His delight is in us. Why isn’t our delight in Him? Through worship and prayer His favor towards us is ignited. Oh, we mouth the right words. We give snatches of our time to Him. But relinquish our lives totally to Him? Invite Him to unconditionally reconfigure our thoughts, our worship, our ministry thrust, our schedules, our actions? And out come our lists of “What ifs.”

But what if we actually sought after Him with our whole heart? What if, face to the floor, we actually cried out to Him for a fresh revelation of Himself and His desires for us? What if we praised Him exuberantly, totally unconcerned with what others might think? What if we worshipped Him with hearts & bodies reverently positioned before His awesome majesty? What if we truly came expecting Him to manifest Himself again in a continuation of the signs & wonders we profess to believe in? What if He
actually set our hearts on fire for Him?

Does all this sound radical? Well, maybe. But would it not be refreshing to actually experience once again the power of the Holy Spirit reinvigorating His people (us) with passion for Jesus? God is always calling us up higher, to go deeper in Him. As we answer His call to seek Him in greater measure, He reveals more of Himself to us. I Cor. 2:9 says it well – “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” Now that is an invitation and challenge I simply can’t resist! So how about it? Are we ready to shift seasons with God? My heart beats wildly in anticipation. I can hardly wait to see what He has for us. Hope you are equally as eager.

       Dot Cutter